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Here's what our readers have to say about THE CINEMA LASER:

Loved, I say, loved my 1st issue of THE CINEMA LASER. Your highly personal slant on reviews keeps things interesting even when I'm not particularly interested in the film under scrutiny. Just great! I can think of several major disc publications that should be hanging their heads in shame.

----Donald Casali, Framingham, MA.

Thanks for the sample issue, I thought it was excellent. I enjoyed your style of writing. Out of all the Laserdisc review magazines that I've seen, I found yours to be the most objective and honest. The others never seem to criticize the Laserdisc industry for their shoddy treatment of Laserdisc fans. These other publications just go along with the program. I assume they do this so they can get free discs.

---Mark Fuentes, New York, NY

Great publication and info. We need someone like you, shooting from the hip, a regular guy!

---Harold F. Kingsbury, Melrose, MA.

I thought I would put a few remarks down on paper immediately after reading my first issue of your publication. Needless to say, it blows away all of those other so-called "collector's publications." Now I feel that I am not alone. Your publication was the first I saw that identified with my anger at our situation as obsessive discophiles. Yes, we admit it. No one understands us but ourselves. You have an amazing publication, which I now count on to buy discs.

---Paul T. Costa, Norwich, CT.

I recently received a sample of THE CINEMA LASER. I enjoyed reading the issue, particularly because you "tell it like it is" regarding the Laserdisc industry.

---Nicholas Zezima, Lindenhurst, New York

I wanted to drop you a line in support of your publication. It's refreshing to read a newsletter that speaks on behalf of those of us who have a deep appreciation of film and the way we choose to view films in our homes, but don't have deep enough pockets to shell out the ever-increasing price for the many Laserdisc titles we might otherwise purchase. Thanks again for your dedication to the Laserdisc customer and for voicing our concerns. We truly appreciate it.

---Chris Hamaker, Alexandria, VA

I feel THE CINEMA LASER to be a unique publication that is MORE HONEST about the industry than THE LASERDISC NEWSLETTER... It would be a wise investment to subscribe for the next 4 issues of this newsletter.

---Ron Epstein, Ocean, NJ

No company is safe from the barbs of the writers. Your lack of advertising seems like a good thing: it prevents bias.

P.S. How long till the next one? I can't wait."

---George Howell, Chaptico, MD

I *loved* it! I'll be renewing when the time comes."

---Bob Simandl, Florissant, MO