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This page will offer a listing of links to various on-line DVD petitions.

Anamorphic DVD support petition  

Appeal to Disney for Respectful Treatment of Asian Films site & Petition On-Line Petition 

The Black Cat/The Raven DVD Petition

Blockbuster Video Widescreen DVD Petition 

Bring Every Beavis And Butt-head episodes to DVD 

Bring these MTV shows to DVD 

Candyman SE DVD Petition 

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment- We Want DVD Releases In Original Aspect Ratio Petition  

Dark City Director's Cut SE DVD petition  

Fleetwood Mac Video Collection DVD Petition 

Fletch Special Edition and Fletch Lives DVD Petition 

The Fly (1986) Special Edition DVD Petition  

Franco Zeffirelli's Hamlet (1990) DVD Petition  

Golden Girls on DVD Petition  

Halloween: H20 Petition

Matilda Re-Release in Widescreen Petition   

MGM's release of Hammer Horror titles on DVD 

Put Headbangers Ball & Other MTV shows on DVD 

Release MTV's The State on DVD 

Remaining Warner/Hammer Titles DVD Petition  

The Resurrected DVD Campaign  

Return Of The Living Dead Special Edition DVD Petition

Return Of The Living Dead Special Edition DVD Campaign Web Site

Sam Peckinpah's Cross Of Iron DVD Petition 

Streets Of Fire Special Edition Petition 

Werner Herzog's Signs Of Life DVD Petition  

Widescreen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective DVD Petition  

The Wild Bunch Special Edition Petition 

We will continue to add more links to this page.
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