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AC-3 Laserdisc listing by Brian Moura

Best Bets on Laser

Blam Entertainment Group

The Brues' News

Compact Disc Repairman -- Laserdisc accessories and repair

Conrod Technical Services -- Laserdisc equipment repair

CyberTheater: The Internet Journal of Home Theater

Films on Disc

Disc Doctor--Laserdisc scratch removal

Dolby Laboratories

DTS Technologies

Grindhouse Releasing

Home Cinema Home Page--Laserdisc links- many from Europe

The Home Theater Forum-- Speak to fellow Laserdisc collectors on-line

Home Video Library-- Software to catalog your collection

Imation Laser Videodisc Services-- manufacturer of Laserdisc, specializing in quick turn times and also small quantity orders

Internet Movie Database Movie information at your fingertips

Jeff's Used LD/DVD Finder

Ka Chun's Laserdisc Links

Laser Entertainment

Laserdisc Archive from the UK

Laserdisc FAQ

Laserdisc News-- New release info courtesy of Laserviews/Digitainment

Laser Disc Register-- Database your discs

Laserman Laserdisc, DVD and Home Theater info and links

Lasermaina-- Not for profit Laserdisc club in Sao Paulo Brazil

Laser Rot-- Laserdisc and DVD information

The Laser Tribune--DVD and Laserdisc

Laserviews Web Site-- Find up to the minute Laserdisc news!!!

The MCA DiscoVision web site

Michael Scheiba's Homepage

Pioneer LDCE -- Laserdiscs from the United Kingdom

Pioneer S.I.T.E. -- Laserdisc players, Home Theater and other components

Precision Companies - Upgrade your existing Laserdisc player to AC-3 (Dolby Digital)

Ross' Exchange-- Used Laserdiscs, CDs & home theater equipment

Star Trek On Laserdisc-- All the movies, plus all four Star Trek TV series

The THX Homepage -- Full address on The Laserdisc Company Address Page

Your Disney Laserdisc Connection