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How could one not love a cartoon series about a boneheaded, narcissistic mamma’s boy, who talks like Elvis, not to mention has a great physique, perfect hair, cool sunglasses and yet has little or no luck with the ladies? If you’re like me, then you’re a fan of JOHNNY BRAVO, which aired on Cartoon Network from 1997 to 2004- and is making its long overdue debut on DVD. Johnny is obsessed with the female of the species, whom he refers to as "chicks," yet this lovable idiot doesn’t have a clue, as to why he continually strikes out with the ladies, who usually have physically painful way of expressing their disinterest in our hero. For all his stupidity, JOHNNY BRAVO is hilarious and the series definitely displays moments of cartoon brilliance, I am particularly fond of when Johnny hooks up with the Scooby Gang. Also spinning around Johnny’s orbit is his protective mama Bunny Bravo and the little neighbor girl Suzy, who is far more intelligent Johnny, yet still manages to have a crush on the muscle-bound bonehead. The vocal talent behind JOHNNY BRAVO features Jeff Bennett, Brenda Vaccaro and Mae Whitman.

JOHNNY BRAVO: SEASON ONE ($25) comes to DVD in a two-disc set that features the thirteen episodes consisting of following cartoon segments: Johnny Bravo / Jungle Boy In "Mr. Monkeyman"/ Johnny Bravo And The Amazon Women, Super Duped / Bungled In The Jungle / Bearly Enough Time, The Sensitive Male / Bravo Dooby-Doo, Date With An Antelope / Did You See A Bull Run By Here? / Cookie Crisis, I Used To Be Funny / My Fair Dork / 'Twas The Night, Blarney Buddies / Over The Hump / Johnny Bravo Meets Farrah Fawcett, Hip Hop Flop / Talk To Me, Baby / Blanky Hanky Panky, Beach Blanket Bravo / The Day The Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much / The Aisle Of Mixed-Up Toys, Substitute Teacher / A Wolf In Chick's Clothing / Intensive Care, Jumbo Johnny / The Perfect Gift / Bravo, James Bravo, Going Batty / Berry The Butler / Red Faced In The White House, The Man Who Cried Clown / Johnny Real Good / Talky Tabitha and Johnny Meets Adam West / Johnny Meets Donny Osmond / Under the Big Flop. Amongst this batch of toons are the exploits of a forgettable character named jungle boy who disappeared from the series during season one.

Warner Home Video has made the episodes that comprise JOHNNY BRAVO: SEASON ONE available on DVD in the full screen format that is representative of their original television production. The image appears pretty sharp and the level of detail is just fine for this type of television animation. Colors are bright and solid. Blacks appear accurate, as do the whites. Contrast is as good as the level of the animation allows. The materials from which the episodes have been mastered demonstrate minor flaws. Digital compression artifacts are not an issue.

The episodes contained in JOHNNY BRAVO: SEASON ONE are offered on DVD with Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtracks. These are generally good sounding soundtracks that don’t exceed the limitations of their cable television origins. The sound is concise and localized to the front. Dialogue is very clean and completely intelligible. No alternate language tracks have been included on the DVD, although English subtitles have been provided.

Music underscores the basic interactive menus, which allow one access to the standard scene/episode selection and set up features, as well as a few extras. We get Audio Commentaries on three episodes with the likes of Van Partible, Jeff Bennett and Seth MacFarlane. Bringing Up Johnny Bravo is a featurette on the origins of the show. Johnny Bravo Original Pencil Tests are offered for two episodes. The Sensitive Male Temp Track finds Seth MacFarlane vocalizing an entire adventure.

JOHNNY BRAVO: SEASON ONE appears under the auspices of the Cartoon Network Hall Of Fame, with COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG: SEASON ONE set to follow under the same banner. Personally, I am looking forward COURAGE and the remaining seasons of JOHNNY. Hopefully, DEXTOR’S LABORATORY: SEASON ONE is in the planning stage. JOHNNY BRAVO: SEASON ONE is definitely recommended.



Johnny Bravo: Season One



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