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Occasionally some unexpected title shows up on my doorstep and I’ll pop it in my player to see if it quickly sparks any interest. HIROMI KANDA: HIROMI IN LOVE ($25) is one of those unexpected titles. I like pop standards, and enjoy newer recordings as they maintain the full lushness of the orchestrations, something that is difficult, if not impossible to hear on vintage recordings. As soon as the music featuring members of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra started playing, I was hooked on the program. Japanese singer Hiromi Kanda beautifully puts across the selection of pop standards, as well as the two new compositions that she collaborated on with her husband Yusuke Hoguchi, in admirable fashion. Hiromi Kanda definitely knows how to work this type of material; however, there are some odd inflections in her delivery of the lyrics that are a dead giveaway that English isn’t her native tongue. Songs featured on the Blu-ray include: That Old Feeling, When I Fall In Love, Someone To Watch Over Me, Always Here For You, My Funny Valentine, Blue Love, Cry, In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning, I'll Never Smile Again, The Second Time Around, Unforgettable.

Music Gate has made HIROMI KANDA: HIROMI IN LOVE available on Blu-ray Disc in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio presentation that has been encoded onto the disc with the MPEG-2 codec. The 1080p presentation of the musical performances is clean, sharp and attractive looking. Colors appear strongly rendered, and display complete stability for brightly colored costumes, not to mention natural flesh tones. Blacks, whites and contrast are all solid. There is an absence of noise/grain in the source materials.

HIROMI KANDA: HIROMI IN LOVE is presented on Blu-ray Disc with a 2 channel uncompressed PCM soundtrack. I really can’t find fault in the recordings, as they appear to reflect lossless studio masters of the stereo recordings. The orchestrations sound lush and are beautifully rendered, while Hiromi Kanda’s voice has a beautiful sense of presence, while also maintaining the illusion of being centered between the two stereo channels. Overall, the sound is very clean and just wonderful.

The interactive menus give access to the song selections. Additionally, two bonus performances are accessible from the menus.

HIROMI KANDA: HIROMI IN LOVE is one of those surprising little disc that show up out of nowhere. If you are a fan of pop standards, this is a Blu-ray that is worth checking out.


Hiromi In Love (Blu-ray Disc) (2010)


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