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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and TouchSquid- a perfect combination.

While the Galaxy Tab 2 android table comes with the Peel remote contol app, the Peel app proved impossible to set up or deal with. The TouchSquid Remote Pro app for Samsung is great, and the support from the TouchSquid team is even better! The TouchSquid team was there 7 days a week to answer my questions and concerns... and even better yet, they were able to quickly resolve my issues in getting the Logitech Bluetooth adapter for the Playstation 3 up and running with their app. The TouchSquid Remote Pro app really makes the Galaxy Tab 2 into a fully functional remote to control for one's home theater, easily controlling every piece of equipment. Everything from watching Blu-rays on the PS3 to watching recorded TV shows from Windows Media Center to listening to music via an older Roku Soundbridge is a breeze thanks to the TouchSquid Remote Pro app. Plus setting up different profiles for different rooms allows one to control a great multitude of equipment; all fully customizable to each environment, plus the macro functions in the Pro version of the app make it possible send a series of commands to different components, as well as run the multi-command power down sequence required for Playstation 3. 

The TouchSquid Remote Pro app for Samsung is an incredibly cool piece of software that I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a built in IR blaster wanting a fully functional remote control for their home theater.

The TouchSquid Remote Pro app for Samsung is available for $49.00 from Google Play store.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inch is available for $249.00 and can be purchased from Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0