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Welcome The Cinema Laser web site.

A bit about me:

My name is Derek M. Germano and I am the editor/webmaster of The Cinema Laser. This web site is a one man operation, which I produce in addition to working a full time job outside the home theater and DVD/Blu-ray Disc industries.  Viewing DVDs & Blu-ray Discs, as well as writing reviews, producing graphics, formatting the web site and reading volumes of e-mail are all very time consuming activities that (fortunately) I enjoy.  Since, I am alone and am producing this web site in my spare time, it is sometimes difficult to cover as many aspects of the DVD & Blu-ray Discmarket as I might like.  However, judging from the e-mail that I receive, there are a whole lot of you out there who appreciate The Cinema Laser and make this web site a regular stop on their daily trek across the World Wide Web.  I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported and visited The Cinema Laser web site.

Some history:

The Cinema Laser began its existence as a print publication in 1991 and covered the Laserdisc format, which at the time was the ultimate in home theater.  The Cinema Laser has since shifted its emphasis away from print to become an on-line publication that is able to reach absolutely everyone with an Internet connection. Additionally, the primary focus of The Cinema Laser has also shifted to from Laserdisc to the DVD format, and now towards Blu-ray Disc which is the current ultimate in home theater. Despite these shifts in focus, the mission of The Cinema Laser remains the same- to express the sentiments of average collectors in a clear and concise manner.  Additionally, this web site offers DVD & Blu-ray Disc enthusiasts more than fifteen hundred reviews and other goodies.

Comments or questions? Please contact me.